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Netcare 911

Medical Emergencies can strike at any time. The correct treatment and proper transportation of a sick or injured patient is vital to ensure the best possible outcome.

Netcare 911 is South Africa's largest private emergency service with highly skilled medical staff, a national network of rapid response vehicles, ambulances and helicopters.

By simply dialing 082 911 from any landline or cellular phone, you and your dependents have access to excellent medical care, regardless of the situation.

Your Benefits include:

  • Emergency telephonic 911 medical advice and information.
  • Emergency medical response by road or air to scene of medical emergency.
  • Transfer by road or air to most appropriate medical facility.
  • Medically justified, ambulance or inter-hospital transfers.
  • Ambulance transfer to special care centres.
  • Transfer of life saving blood or medication.
  • Companionship and care for stranded minors.
  • Repatriation of patients if hospitalised far from home.
  • Repatriation of mortal remains.
  • Emotional support and tele-counselling.
  • Access to Rape Crisis Centres.
  • Specialised travel advice through SAA/Netcare Travel Clinics.
    Call toll-free 0800 002 609.
  • Professional and confidential HIV/Aids advice.
    Call 0861 000 448.
  • General medical advice.

For you and your dependants to enjoy unlimited benefits it is essential that 082 911 be contacted.

In the event of the injured not being able to contact Netcare 911, the incident must be reported to the 082 911 control centre within 72 hours.

Netcare 911 strongly urges you to place a Netcare 911 rear-window sticker on your motor vehicle. This will alert any emergency service on site, which scheme you belong to as well as being a member of Netcare 911. Telephone stickers are also available for home and office use.