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Welcome to the MMSA Website!
Our website has a large amount of information available to a varied target audience and so it is
essential that our web site is easy for you to navigate. 

The site requires that you first select the Scheme to which you are contracted and then answer the
question : Are you an Employer, Provider, Member or Intermediary or are you interested in the
general Scheme information in the Info Centre? This simple navigation structure allows you to
access the information you require as rapidly as possible.

The options : 'About us' provides general information about the Scheme, 'Contact us' details
Contact Information for the Scheme, 'Site Map' gives a roadmap of the information and
functionality available, and the options 'Employers', 'Providers', 'Members' and 'Intermediaries'
provide specific information and the option to login to the secure area of the site. The 'Info Centre'
option provides detailed Plan and Benefit information.

In order for you to access the secure area of our website and take advantage of the extensive
functionality available, you need to register with us as an online user. We will then issue you with
a Web Username and password to allow you to view and update your confidential information
from within a secure environment.

The procedure to apply is as follows :- Complete the Application Form for Online Access, print it,
sign it and then fax it to us. Please remember that if you are applying for Access to
Employer information, your Form must be stamped with the Company Stamp and counter-signed
by your Human Resources Manager. The Application Form for Online Access can be found under
the relevant options 'Employers', 'Providers', 'Members' and 'Intermediaries', on the previous

Once your Application Form has been received by MMSA, you will receive a phone call
from one of our Web Registration Team to confirm your details. Shortly thereafter, you will receive
an email advising your Web Username and Password.  You will then be able to login and enjoy the
functionality available on the MMSA Website. 

We look forward to seeing you online!